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Kustome Collabo: Luxury Sneakers No One Is Talking About

Kustome Collabo: Luxury Sneakers No One Is Talking About

The footwear industry has grown quite boring and ever expensive over the last few years, and the only thing keeping the industry afloat are throwbacks, limited supply and re-sellers inflating the prices. This serves as a testament of lack of creativity and commitment  from the footwear industry. All the more reason why I continue to  purchase sneakers created and…

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Minkee Blue Handbags

It seems the new common theme amongst my social circles is “de-cluttering” in every sense of the word.  We are cleaning out our closets, our make-up bags, sewing rooms; pretty much maximize our quality of life using less “stuff”!  So when I saw MinkeeBlue Handbags I actually slipped into daydream mode – I was skipping… in slow motion… from place to place with one, only one, convenient yet…

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Tens: The Real Life Photo Filter

Tens: The Real Life Photo Filter

Choosing the proper Instagram filter for your photo is all in a days work, but how about a pair of filters for your eyes?  Created to make your day look ten times better, Tens has created a pair of sunglasses that are, well….. a real life photo filter.  Sure it sounds like something that’s out of this world, but the concept in ingenious and quite simple. Photo filter + eyes = Love at first sight.…

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Cabiria Plus Sized Clothing

Cabiria Plus Sized Clothing

If you’ve spent any time at all on Envynde there’s a very good chance you’ve seen designs my favorite lady – Eden Miller of Cabiria.  Eden is no doubt an Envynde favorite so we make it a point to internet stalk… I mean check up on her from time to time.  Take a look at where Cabiria is headed for the Fall


In a winning combo of turq and black you can rock this look year round.  Love the tasteful…

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Seventh.Ink: Crushing on Chaos

Seventh.Ink: Crushing on Chaos

Crushing on Chaos is the latest  installment form Seventh.Ink and no different than the previous, the Crushing on Chaos line is equally impressive.  Illustrated by hand and tidied up for print, Seventh.Ink’s Crush on Chaos has arrived just in time for you to rock them this summer. As always, don’t hesitate to swipe up one for yourself.  Because when they’re gone, they’re gone.


Dead skull shirt

Chaos! This…

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Helgray Watches: Vintage Styling & Modern Practicality

Helgray Watches: Vintage Styling & Modern Practicality


Handsome, affordable and nearly sold out; Hegray’s  World War 1 inspired timepieces are creating quite the buzz in the watch realm, most notably the Skyfighter and California being among the favorites. Created to be affordable, practical & stylish, Helgray has created four  irresistible watches that manages to compliment the the owner and their wallet.

helgray-skyfighter-1024Skyfighter: The famous WW1…

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Lexell: The First Ever Stone & Steel Watch

Lexell: The First Ever Stone & Steel Watch

Its no big  secret that I’m a fan of Lexell watches. When the company obliterated it’s $15k  campaign goal via Kickstarter, I couldn’t  have been more excited that these one of a kind watches were here to stay. I had previously coveredLexell during their campaign run last year and even though some time has passed, my sentiment of these watches have not changed.  Lexell watches are absolutely…

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Creativity Check List

I read an interesting article from the Huffington Post today: “18 thinkgs Highly Creative People Do Differently” and I asked myself: “Self?  Where can I find a couple of hundred creative people in one spot that could benefit from such an article?” Ding Ding Ding!  Right heeeere!  Anywho, as a technical apparel designer by profession I  surprised that hit 14 out of the 18 points; considering I…

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Martin de Tours Clothier: Custom Tailored Men’s Suits

Martin de Tours Clothier: Custom Tailored Men’s Suits

The most important thing a man can do is to buy clothes that actually fit.  America has made it extremely easy for the consumer to walk in to a local department store and purchase a ready-to-wear suit that may fit with little to no tailoring. Unfortunately, this is a terrible practice and you will soon regret this timely purchase.  I would be a hypocrite  if I didn’t admit I made these very…

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