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Freelancing Smarter - Tips and Tricks for Keeping it Together!

Freelancing Smarter – Tips and Tricks for Keeping it Together!

IMG_0437I got freelance on the brain.  I’ve recently gotten back into the very scary world of one on one custom design.  *CUE HORROR MUSIC*  If one wants to be the Valetino of our time one cannot do so by only creating things for oneself.  That was just my very overly complicated way of saying I was making 2 or 3 outfits a year for just myself and it was time to further challenge myself.  “Why?!” you…

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I have about a million garments to sew before the end of the day BUT I had to stop and blog about…

I have about a million garments to sew before the end of the day BUT I had to stop and blog about what I just saw on…

Lew and Huey Timepiece Giveaway

Lew and Huey Timepiece Giveaway

Lew & Huey is hosting one heck of a giveaway this summer and there three irresistible reasons you should enter.

First prize – an Acionna, winner’s choice of color, retail price $600

Lew & Huey Giveaway

What would the perfect every day watch look like?

It would need to be sturdy enough to withstand daily abuse; as water resistant as any diving watch; highly functional, yet uncluttered; as legible as any pilot…

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Free Patterns? Yeeees Please

I’ll admit, my motivation for this post is for mostly selfish reasons.  I keep forgetting about this awesome website and I’m putting it in the blog to I’ll have it somewhere easily accessible!

TESORO Automatic Watch: Perpetual Art For Your Wrist

TESORO Automatic Watch: Perpetual Art For Your Wrist

Fifteen days in and  the Tesoro as raised a whopping $25,000+ dollars along their Kickstarter campaign and thing are just beginning to heat up. The Tesoro Automatic Mechanical Watch is Wave Designs Studios second installment to a line of beautifully crafted watches they have released over the years and is truly a stunner! ” Perceptual art for your wrist” is an accurate portrayal of how exactly…

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Did Project Runway Get it Wrong?

Did Project Runway Get it Wrong?

So fashion is subjective right?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?  Let me start over…

Last week marked the beginning of Season 13 of Project Runway.  I’m a little behind on my “Project Runwaying” but I finally watched this weekend.  As a designer I am endlessly fascinated by this show.  Watching designers go through the selection process, the clothes, the crazy personalities; it’s…

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After almost 8 years in the industry my favorite thing about fashion is that it is still constantly evolving.  For example – designers such as Threadsmiths are taking an already revolutionary idea, such as water resistant clothing, and they’re making it eco-friendly…  Common!  The Threadsmiths guys have put a lot of thought in to what would appear to be just’a t-shirt.

They started with a more…

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Kustome Collabo: Luxury Sneakers No One Is Talking About

Kustome Collabo: Luxury Sneakers No One Is Talking About

The footwear industry has grown quite boring and ever expensive over the last few years, and the only thing keeping the industry afloat are throwbacks, limited supply and re-sellers inflating the prices. This serves as a testament of lack of creativity and commitment  from the footwear industry. All the more reason why I continue to  purchase sneakers created and…

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Minkee Blue Handbags

It seems the new common theme amongst my social circles is “de-cluttering” in every sense of the word.  We are cleaning out our closets, our make-up bags, sewing rooms; pretty much maximize our quality of life using less “stuff”!  So when I saw MinkeeBlue Handbags I actually slipped into daydream mode – I was skipping… in slow motion… from place to place with one, only one, convenient yet…

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Tens: The Real Life Photo Filter

Tens: The Real Life Photo Filter

Choosing the proper Instagram filter for your photo is all in a days work, but how about a pair of filters for your eyes?  Created to make your day look ten times better, Tens has created a pair of sunglasses that are, well….. a real life photo filter.  Sure it sounds like something that’s out of this world, but the concept in ingenious and quite simple. Photo filter + eyes = Love at first sight.…

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